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So, like many other people, I like to listen to music. My taste in music, however, is not exactly like most people's. My taste is music is also a little contradictory. For example I dislike some artists because I think they lack lyrics that are in any way good. On the other hand there are some artists that I like even though they have the most cheesy ridiculous lyrics I've ever heard. My three favorite styles of music are, classical (or new age classical) Show tunes, and Rock (any style though I'm partial to alternative.) Not exactly the most congruous favorites out there.

I have a problem where all the songs I tend to want to sing, are the songs that are the hardest for me to sing. Though, I think that most who aren't classically trained would have trouble singing the songs that I typically wish I could sing. I also am not a huge fan of modern dance music, but that has more to do with the fact that I don't really like modern dancing.

I don't mean to say that I don't like the occasional song just because it makes me want to dance or sing along; it's just that the problem with catchy songs is just that, they're catchy. When a song appeals to vast majorities of people, and the only thing it has going for it is its beat or fun sound, it usually bothers me. It wouldn't grate me as much (I mean people are free to like what they want) but when lots of people are into something, I can't escape from it.  Everywhere I go, someone is singing the songs I don't like, or the song itself is playing on the radio. The worst thing is, people refuse to understand why I might not like the songs I don't like, and a lot of people are inordinately angry if you don't like their music.

I can understand why you might not like Classical music. I mean no lyrics just isn't for some people. Not to mention much of Classical music wasn't intended for dancing. (Though a lot of it was, and those dances are awesome.) I can understand why people aren't all into Show tunes. Like my brother puts it, why listen to a story you can't see? I understand why people don't like Rock, it's loud and often very in-your-face. I know these are just a few reasons that people don't like these types of music, but that's their choice. I won't force them to listen, or at least I'll do my best. Yet, I say I don't like a popular song and everyone is on my case.

I know, I'm just griping, but it really does bother me. On a completely different note, Why does nobody dance with class anymore? At weddings (and every other venue) it's all head banging and jumping around or the Caspar Slide. Not that there's anything wrong with that kind of dance, but it lacks a certain, I don't know, finesse or something. Personally I'm into Swing.

Swing dancing is really, really, cool. It's typically fast paced which a lot of people prefer, but it still takes a certain amount of precision and skill to do it well. The nice thing is there are slower songs that work well with Swing as well. The slower songs are great for people who need to cool down, or aren't quite as good at the style.
Of course in my opinion Swing's greatest advantage is also it's greatest disadvantage, you need a partner. I personally prefer dancing with someone. Dancing on my own a midst a group of people feels kind of lonely. There isn't any actual social benefit to it; no connections are made, nor is there conversation to be had. Whoever the partner, be it a sister or the kind gentleman who offered to dance with me, I prefer that actual interaction to anything I get dancing solo. The problem of course is that if you have no partner, you don't dance. Not dancing gives you even less than dancing alone.

I'm not a great Swing dancer, I took one class and after that couldn't find a partner to join me for more classes. I have practiced on my own, but it's not the same. Still I love watching swing dancers, I wish to someday join their ranks. What I can do is a few Colonial dances, and I can Square dance quite well. (though I often have to stand in as a 'man' my social circle is a little woman heavy).

Again, changing topics a little, I can't study well without music. Not really much to say there, It's just difficult for me to concentrate on school if I'm not listening to something while I work.

Someone asked me what it was that made me like a song. I was tempted to say it was the dopamine my brain releases that tells me I like something, but I didn't. Mostly I didn't because I'm not really a scientific person, and I feel bad using science that I can't really explain as reason for something. So I tried to think about it, and honestly, I don't know. Most of the music I like is based on the fact that it has some level of instrumental mastery, vocal talent, or well written lyrics, but I also like computer enhanced songs with little to no instrumental or vocal talent and incredibly stupid lyrics. When I tried to think more about it I still couldn't come up with an acceptable answer, so I ended up telling him "I don't know I just do."

That may seem like a weak answer, but it is fairly accurate I think. I'm partial to certain types of music, and I tend to like songs with talent behind them more, but really it's kind of a case-by-case scenario. I can tell you exactly why I don't like certain songs and artists, but I sometimes have trouble telling people why I do like something.

All in all, I guess it doesn't really matter, but I was listening to music and thought I'd write something about it as well.


United States
Art materials, whatever comes to hand. Mostly school pencils,and pens, and paper. yeah...

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